Category: 3 stars

  • The Broken One

    The Broken One

    “You’ve always had my heart. I gave it to you long ago. And no matter what, you’ll have it until the day I die.” ― Brittney Sahin, The Broken One

  • Phoenix Rising

    Phoenix Rising

    Phoenix’s bandmate has one rule: his sister is off limits. But Phoenix has never been very good about following the rules.

  • The Virgin Rule Book

    The Virgin Rule Book

    A Short, sweet, typical, but good read

  • Replay


    Not all players deserve a second chance… no matter how hot their first chance was.

  • The Troubleshooter

    The Troubleshooter

    Never, ever fall for your brother’s annoying, infuriating, gorgeous best friend.

  • In Too Deep

    In Too Deep

    Book Review: In Too Deep (Strike Force #1)

  • Rising (Anderson Special Ops #2)

    Brackish and Erin’s story was good, but I like the first book, Shadows (Anderson Special Ops #1) so much that I jumped right into the second book.  However, Rising, fell short and I’ve lost interest in finishing the series.  I found it poorly executed and at times felt like there were gaps in the story, such as the trip…

  • Tempt Me

    Tempt Me

    Available on Kindle Unlimited

  • From Here to You

    From Here to You

    From that moment on, we would have perfect days, the ones that sucked, the hard ones, the ones that left us lying in bed next to each other, exhausted but holding hands. The kind of perfection where, in those mundane and sometimes chaotic moments, we found the acceptance and happiness we’d both been searching for.…

  • Crave


    The one you crave is the one who could get you killed.