Category: Erotica

  • Corrupt


    “Those who are patient, plan. And beware the man with a plan.” ― Penelope Douglas, Corrupt

  • Cruel Paradise

    Cruel Paradise

    “Fuck Ryan Reynolds. I’m not funny. I’m not charming. I’m definitely not self-deprecating. I’m Killian fucking Black.” ― J.T. Geissinger, Cruel Paradise

  • Beautifully Cruel

    Beautifully Cruel

    “You Okay?” “Define Okay.” She thinks for a moment. “Having slept well, eaten well, and had an orgasm within the last eight hours.” ― J.T. Geissinger, Beautifully Cruel

  • Mine to Save

    Mine to Save

    One word: H-O-T!

  • Riot House

    Riot House

    “I always thought I’d find the ultimate happiness within the pages of a book. I’ve been so convinced of that fact that I devoted so much of my life disappearing inside them, searching for that which has always eluded me. I should have known I wouldn’t find what I was looking for on ink and…

  • An Epic Hunted Romance

    An Epic Hunted Romance

    The Hunted Series by Ivy Smoak This is a forbidden student/teacher romance. Penny is a college sophomore and literally runs into James Hunter at a coffee shop. They have instant chemistry but then she discovers he is her professor. Hunter is a billionaire, alpha man, who has a filthy mouth and pushes all of Penny’s…

  • Misogynistic? Yes!

    Misogynistic? Yes!

    I just want to share something my father once told me. He said if you love someone, and they love you, there’s no point taking offense in what they say or do to you, because they never mean you harm, anyway. And if you don’t love someone, if you don’t care about them, then there’s…

  • The First Novel of the Black Dagger Brotherhood

    The First Novel of the Black Dagger Brotherhood

    Could’ve been so much more..

  • Wild Fury

    Wild Fury (FURY Security #1) by Lindsay Cross An dark romantic suspense novel, Wild Fury is the first book in the brand-new FURY Security series by author Lindsay Cross. A Navy SEAL military romance that’s heavily into BDSM culture; so be aware, and tells the story of a second chance at first love. I’ll preface this…

  • Gentry Boys (Gentry Boys #1-4) by Cora Brent

    Gentry Boys by Cora Brent My rating: 3 of 5 stars 4 books an overall 3.5 stars I’m somewhat on the fence, it was much better than most of the books I read and rate with 3-stars but not quite worthy of 4 stars. This four-book limited edition box set includes bonus content. All written…